Consuming Kids

The film “Consuming Kids” talked about the advertising company’s effort to reach out to young kids, and make them lifetime consumers. There are more than fifty-two million kids under twelve in America. Marketers have their eyes on kids, increasing buying power. Kids in fact do have influence over the buying market. They influence seven billion a year. Advertisers’ use “the nag factor” which is kids are going to nag until they get what they want, and most times they always eventually get whatever it is they want.

Kids have a lot of power in the economy. Today, kids are multitasking with media. They are watching television while on the computer and texting. They are like “sponges” soaking it all up. Marketers are convincing children life is about buying and getting. Marketers even use children’s attachments to characters to make profit. Their motto is to make a profit by any means necessary. They will do whatever they have to do, even brainwash children, just to make money.

They give children the idea that what you buy is what you are. This makes children want things because they are cool. Everyone wants to fit in and feel included, and marketers convince children the way to do it is to buy what is considered cool. This inevitably gives the idea that if you don’t have it, then you are less than. All they are telling children is that things will make you happy. And making them confuse nice things for happiness and satisfaction. So, it is no surprise that children get older and become more and more materialistic.

Now, is this right? Is it right to use different methods to get in the minds of vulnerable young children just to make a profit? It may not be right to many, but it is not illegal. Marketers have the right to do this, although that does not make it right. Advertisement companies are already powerful even with adults, so we can only imagine their influence on children.

We cannot deny that marketers are getting exactly what they want- life time consumers. As children get older they still have the connection to the buying market. I have even heard many of my friends say that shopping makes them feel better, it makes them feel good. And this is exactly what they want us to feel. There will always be more children to influencing giving marketers a lifetime of profits. Buying this may not be the right way to feel happiness, but it’s the one way most Americans feel their happiness every day.

Check out this video!

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Peeping Tom!

Erin Andrews ESPN news reporter is suing several hotel chains for negligence and invasion of privacy in connection with the peeping Tom who secretly videotaped her naked. She is seeking 1.2 million for the emotional stress and lack of earning capacity by a video of her nude in her hotel room that raced across the web. After the footage was released, ESPN’s lead counsel pursued the case until Michael David Barrnett plead guilty to a court in Los Angeles to interstate stalking. Barrnette admitted to following Andrews to three cities and altering the peep holes in twp hotels, in order to tape her. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for stalking.

The lawsuit against the hotels doesn’t seem to be resolved yet. But according to her they gave out her room number, and gave confirmation that she was staying in the hotel. They did not properly protect her privacy. She has not released any statement as to whether she will continue legal action against the hotels or not.

The judge made the decision to find Barrnette guilty because all the evidence pointed toward it. Also, he plead guilty so the decision was not a hard one. I completely agree with the decision. No one deserves to get stalked, celebrity or not. We all have a right to privacy, and hers was invaded. Therefore, the person who invaded it should be sent to jail. She will probably always be emotionally scarred from this for her whole life. He will have his freedom again, but she may never feel she has completely gained hers back. I also feel the hotels should be punished as well.

This case did not particularly have any major implications on the news media. Mainly because the person involved was not working for any news station. But the video was leaked and other people had access to it from the web. So, in a way this goes back to the media invading people’s privacy. It has been an ongoing battle that the media often oversteps their boundaries and invades the privacy of people, mainly celebrities. This to some extent proves just that. There shouldn’t have been anyway that video could get linked. Restrictions are definitely needed to protect people. If there are more restrictions to protect people’s privacy, the media would have a much better name.

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Lindsay Lohan, in need of an image fix

Lindsay Lohan has managed yet again to receive negative publicity. It seems every time her name is in the news it is for something negative. Her recent trouble involves her being charged for theft of a necklace. Her lawyer pleades her innocence. A more recent article that describes the case in further detail is

It is clear that Lindsay Lohan has a problem with trouble. But maybe there is something deeper to her issue. We should stop and remember that she is a human being who makes mistakes. I will create a campaign to help reverse this negative publicity Lindsay Lohan has been receiving. The first thing will be to show that she has learned a lesson out of this. So, we will schedule Lindsay to go speak with young females who are following the same path she went on. She will talk to them about the things she has experienced and the things she wished she could have done differently. We will invite press to come and be apart of this as well. I am sure they will be anxious to come.

Next we will have Lindsay do some community service. She will participate in community service and we will make an announcement about this, and when it will take place. Photographs will be taken, and featured in magazines. Also, whenever Lindsay is asked questions or asked to be interviewed we will ask that she answers questions in a way that takes the focus off the situation and onto her upcoming movie premiers. We will speak out about new and upcoming Lindsay Lohan projects.

There are risk associated with this. Through the constant negative publicity Lindsay Lohan’s reputation and image has become extremely damaged. There are some people who believe that she will never change. After continuously showing up in court and promising change and innocence yet appearing within a month later, they might feel this is an act. That will make everything backfire on us. If people are not convinced that Lindsay is serious about changing, and becoming a better person then we have not met our purpose. Our task will not be completed successfully if this takes place.

Our strategies will meet the PRSA ethics code. It presents advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness. I know that lying to the public is not the way to sway their opinion. We chose to always handle situations in a professional manner through honesty. We take representation of our clients very serious. We know we are trying to improve their image not further hinder it, therefore everything must be done extremely carefully and with great examination. We never want the media to think we are liars or fakes. We want to make sure that we along with our clients keep a positive image.

This is a risk we are willing to take. My colleagues and I feel we can indeed change Lindsay’s image. We may not be able to completely transform Lindsay back into that innocent star she was once seen as, but we are confident that we can turn her into a young adult with a past but an even brighter future. We want to take the focus off her recent troubles with the law and put it back on her career as an actress. Despite everything she is still a talented actress. We will help Lindsay Lohan make her come back to stardom.

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How obvious can you get? Product placement

I recently watched the movie No Strings Attached. This movie came out January 2011. No Strings Attached just happened to have a numerous amount of product placement. Some of the product placement I think that was purposely placed in the movie is 7 up, apple, BMW, Coca-Cola, Dodge Challenger, Google, Harvard University, Mercedes, Pamprin, Paramount Pictures, Patron, Toyota Prius, Trojan, University of Michigan, USA Today, VitaminWater, and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The movie starred Aston Kutcher (Adam) and Natalie Portman (Emma). The movie was about two child hood friends who come back in contact with one another. She asks him if he wants a no strings attached, sex only relationship to prevent the complications of a real relationship. But eventually they both catch feelings. They fall in love and Aston wanted to be with her but she ran away. Then she realizes that she shouldn’t have run away from something that was so good, and tries to get him back. She does, and they end being together in the end.

Some of the product placement that had the most success in being noticed by the audience was apple. Because it is such an epidemic seeing the Iphone in a movie just makes people want it more, or even happier to already own it. Owning the apple has become the difference between the haves and have nots in a sense. It has become socially cool to own anything apple. The BMW caught people’s attention because I know with all of my friends and I our dream car is a BMW. Coca-Cola is always noticeable in every movie, it’s almost even expected, because it appears in so many movies. I’m sure the audience noticed the patron, because most people in the audience probably drink. Also, Harvard University and University of Michigan were noticeable because they are familiar names. VitaminWater as well because VitaminWater is almost like apple, your cool if you drink it.

I think these products were chosen to appear in the movie to appeal to the audience. Most of the products that appeared in the film are what’s hot or what’s out at the moment. Almost what is seen as the must haves. They knew most of their audience would probably be teenagers to young adults. All the products appeal to us. Everyone has an Iphone, macbook, or anything apple. And we all would love to drive a BMW if we don’t already! This move was successful with the product placement. It just made the movie that much more relatable.

It’s actually a great movie!

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If I Am Missing or Dead

A book I read recently is titled If I Am Missing or Dead by Janine Latus. It is a nonfiction novel. I was introduced to this book by my sister, and my grandmother gave it to her to read. I finished reading this book last month. This book was about Janine, who grew up in a home where her father was controlling and inappropriate, she and her sister.

He would sometimes touch them inappropriately and talk about their breast and other parts of their bodies. When they got older her and her sister both got into violent relationships. She was in the relationship for years, and always gave her sister advice to help her get through. Because she was older, she tried to hold everything together to be strong for her sister, keeping her own problems private.

She tried to change herself to be what her boyfriend needed. She wanted to be perfect for him, she felt as a woman it was her job to be exactly what her boyfriend wanted her to be; even if that meant changing herself. Her sister consequently felt the same. Her sister did everything for her boyfriend. She cooked, cleaned, spent money on him, everything. Janine eventually got out of the relationship. But her sister unfortunately did not make it out; she was killed by her boyfriend. They were both victims of a violent relationship, but one resulted in death.

This book touched me so deeply; I was almost to tears reading it. I felt an instant connection with this book because I have seen domestic violence. The biggest fear of everyone who grows up seeing a violent relationship is if they will be a victim as well. When people who have seen it do grow up to be in one, it is so normal that they sometimes don’t understand the seriousness of getting out. This seems weird because they should know from experience the dangers of it. But it just is not that simple.

My sister and I have had many discussions about this book. We were both touched by this book and can complete relate because of our experience. This book had a huge impact on my life. I realized even more just how serious violent relationships are. I have never seen one result in death but this showed me that it is possible. Also, it taught me that no man is worth changing yourself for. It is so hard for women because so much is expected from them. Everyone expects women to be perfect, even some women. Therefore, it is no surprise that men want the woman they are dating to meet their expectation of what perfect is. This only adds more pressure, and from reading this book I have realized that it is just all about control.

There is no reason to stay in an abusive relationship. Anyone who abuses another person has problems they need to work out within themselves, by themselves. Also, people who grow up seeing domestic violence constantly should use that experience as a lesson, what not to put up with. I know it is hard, and often times it feels inevitable that we will fall into the same situation but it is completely preventable. No one has to fall into the same pattern, and this book bought that to my attention way more. This book has made me realize that it is important not to accept certain things. I have always known that an abusive relationship could lead to death, but to actually read it just touched me.

This book does not in any way particularly influence what I read today. But it is definitely a story that I will never forget. This book will stay with me forever, and will occasionally come up in conversations I have. I would absolutely recommend people to read this book. I have already recommended it to some of my friends. I know not only people who grew up seeing domestic violence find themselves in similar situations; its people who grew up in completely normal households.

This book informs the true dangers of an abusive relationship. It shines light on a topic often looked over and taken lightly. Although women often feel trapped in these types of relationships, just as Janine and her sister did, this is proof that abuse does not represent love. This is a message for anyone in a similar situation to get out. I loved reading this book although it nearly bought me to tears. I felt this strong message, and I feel like she achieved her purpose.

I highly recommend everyone to read it.

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“Killing Me Softly”

“Feminine odor is everyone’s problem” and “I’d probably never be married now if I hadn’t lost 49 pounds” are some of the many things said in advertisements about women. Women are extremely criticized by the media. The advertising company’s influence is subconscious, we don’t even realize it. The advertising toward women creates a very toxic cultural environment. It surrounds us with toxic images, shaping our perceptions.

These advertisements tell us who we are, and who we should be. It tells women that the most important thing is how we look. They promote flawlessness, which is impossible. All of the models used in advertisements are air brushed, which means that is not really how they look. You never see a women in any advertisements considered beautiful who hasn’t been photo shopped. This just sends the message to young girls that they will never be good enough. They are made to live up to impossible standards.

But, unfortunately women and girls do measure ourselves against these images. We look at them and say we want to look like that. This affects our self esteem. It also affects how men feel about women. They expect women to be what they see in advertisements, perfect.

Advertisements turn women’s bodies into things or parts of things. A survey showed a dramatic increase of 91 percent of women getting surgery to change their bodies. They feel they need to be impossibly beautiful, and accomplish physical perfection.  According to advertisements, your worth depends on how you look. For example, models are getting thinner and thinner. Designers push models into being thinner.  The only acceptable body is tall, thin, and V-shaped. But most women are pear shaped, and that is unacceptable.

Advertisements put a lot of emphasis on women’s looks. They make us feel like we must be perfect. They make feel like  we must be perfect. This creates an ongoing conflict with ourselves to reach perfection for ourselves, our boyfriends, and everyone else. Women are more concerned with how they look because we think how we look is very important, it defines us. Our minds are shaped this way because of advertisement companies. We must transform the attitudes within our culture.

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The power of Disney

I know we all grew up in a Disney culture, I know I have. When I was a child Disney was a big part of my life. Almost everything I watched on television was Disney. Everything I wanted to watch was always Disney. Like many other children, Disney captured my attention and was my escape into an imaginary world I wished was reality.

All of those movies have a love story. In each there is a hero that does something great and a woman who falls in love with him.  In each movie there was a woman that growing up, every little girl wanted to be. They seemed to be just what a woman was suppose to be, almost perfection. When I was young I always used to act like I was my favorite Disney character. To me, that was how I was suppose to act, that was my perception of how a woman was suppose to act.

I would act very delicate and girly. Every time I acted like my favorite Disney character, I would put on a dress and make up. I would always try to look really nice, because in my eyes they were flawless. I can see this same impact in my little sisters lives. Just as I did, they are growing up in a Disney culture. And although the movies change, the themes and type of characters don’t. I see them get really dressed up, and imitate what they see. This shows me that the passing years have not changed much; Disney still has a strong hold on young children.

It was very interesting growing up in this media. Because I thought the Disney women were so flawless, I thought being a woman meant to achieve perfection. They were always the prettiest, slimmest, and most desired, and that’s what I wanted to be. In Disney movies women always seemed so dependent on men, giving young women the idea that they always need a man. As I grew up I realized that is far from reality. I and many other women pride themselves on being independent. We all have grown far past that “damsel in distress stage.”

There is so much more to Disney movies than the movies themselves. Young children learn from Disney, they imitate Disney. They feel that they way Disney shows life is the way life is suppose to be. When they watch a Disney movie they are gaining an understanding –or Disney’s understanding about women, men, culture, and society. Many people think there are a lot of hidden messages in Disney movies. It could be argued that Disney sends the wrong messages to children. I can understand that argument. Disney does have a large influence on what a child thinks about certain things.

 I’m sure all of us have a moment where we are watching a Disney movie and we go “wow I didn’t understand that when I was younger but I do now,” or “I never noticed that before.” That’s because Disney knows what things a young child will and will not catch. They also know things adults will catch. In doing this, they appeal to both children and adults. This brings enjoyment from the movie for both children and their parents. In that, Disney appeals to a wide range of audiences, various age groups.

People may or may not agree with Disney for children. But one thing is for sure, a lot of our childhoods would have been a lot different without Disney.

Check out this video!

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Watch your Facebook, because jobs are watcing you!

This article discussed a widely known issue. The affect Facebook has on jobs with people getting hired and fired. Most people are not aware of how serious Facebook is when it comes to jobs. A lot of people think that Facebook is just Facebook, a place to display your thoughts and feelings and share pictures with your friends. But in reality Facebook is so much more.

The world is aware of this social network epidemic. Many companies go to social networks to reach the public and better advertise their product. They also go to social networks to see what people think of their company and product. So, if you work for their company, you will be their first target. They want to see what their workers say about their company, because those are the people that work for them.

Also, it is no secret that companies want the best applicants to represent their company. With Facebook being such an epidemic in people’s social and personal lives, companies see this as the perfect place to find out who you really are. In doing that, they can decide if you are really the right person to represent their company.

This article explains the statistics of how much companies rely on Facebook. It mentions situations where people were fired for their actions on Facebook, and situations where they were not hired. It shows just how real this situation is. I think this is a great article, and perfect for people who doubted Facebook’s impact on jobs to read. I am an example of one who thought it was no way Facebook could make anyone miss an opportunity on a job.

After reading this article I see just how wrong I was. It clears up any doubts I had. This article is trying to prepare us for what is real. Although we all love Facebook, love joking with our friends, and sharing those crazy nights with our Facebook friends; the truth of the matter is we have to be more careful. What we put on Facebook does have a strong impact on our lives. Future jobs, or acceptance to colleges all could be at risk because of what we have displayed.

Now, of course this raises the question is this fair? Most people feel that by checking an applicant’s Facbook page as a factor of decision making is invading their privacy. People feel they should be able to put whatever they want on Facebook, and it isn’t anyone’s business. As much as I agree, I must say we should all display ourselves with some sense of professionalism. Although we may not find it fair it is life, something we are going to have to deal with. Companies and universities want to represented well. That will never change. We all must face that fact. If you do not want your future boss, or dean to see something, do not put it on facebook.  Share with the world only what you would want the WHOLE world to see. Otherwise, share it with your friends without posting it on the internet. Privately that is.

Check out this video, this support the claims of Facebook’s impact on jobs!

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2035, A world run by technology

It’s the year 2035, and the living is easy. Technology has advanced beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s a way different world than what we’re used to. Things that were once impossible are now possible with a click of a button! I know you’re curious to know all the new and exciting things that the world has to offer in this year, so let me end your curiosity and tell you just what they are.

When you want something and just don’t feel like getting it, there is no need to move. Don’t even lift an arm, better yet a finger! Just give your mini robot a command and it is sure to follow. Your robot is not only able to get you whatever you want; it is a chair for you sit in. So, whenever your legs are too tired to walk, simply have a seat and it will take you where you need to go.

But that’s not the only thing; it gets better. Cars aren’t the typical four wheelers that need a key to start. Kiss that key goodbye! It’s a new year, and the automobile is new and improved. All you have to do is set a code and push a button, and it starts. You will never have to worry about losing your key again. Also, you can have a conversation with your car, tell your car where to go, and that’s where it will go. Oh and there is no steering wheel either. That hard driver’s test people use to stress over doesn’t even exist in 2035.

Doesn’t everyone just love feeling like you’re in a movie while watching it? Usually you would need 3D glasses to get that experience. But you don’t need them in 2035, because every television automatically offers that experience. Every time you turn on the television you will feel as if you are one of the people in whatever you are watching. You can never be bored watching T.V like this!

As far as cell phones, well they can do almost everything you can think of. Lap tops and computers are all touch now. When you don’t feel like typing you simply speak and the computers type it for you. This is really convenient when doing papers.

If you’re having a little trouble imagining just what the world will be like, imagine the movie Walle.


In 2035 the world will be mad! Full of unnecessary technology and people will forget how to move. There might even be robots walking around. Communication among people will not be the same, because everyone will depend solely on technology. People will forgot how to work because there will always be something that can do the work for them.

Privacy will be invaded; there will no longer be a such thing as privacy. Everything will be able to walk and talk. There will be a million more ways to access people’s information, which will lead to more fraud and identity theft. At any moment all that family friendly technology can go crazy, and do things the inventors never expected.

There will be no boundaries. We will live in a world controlled by technology, no limits. A world without limits is a world destined for failure. We will have a government run by technology. Technology will make decisions and tell the government the best choices to be made.

And as for me, my life will be the same but just a lot more interesting. There will be so many new technology devices that I am sure I will have. Since I have grown up in this technology era, I will not need to adjust to all the technology advances. They will just seem normal to me.

Cell phones will be way more advanced than they are now. Communication will all be through technology. People barely talk on the phone as they once used to. By the year 2035, that will go from slim to nonexistent. People will probably still be texting, and there might even be more things added to texting.

The advancement of technology will affect the mass communications field in many ways. It will provide many more opportunities for the people in our field. The technology will create new ways for news reporters to report news. They will probably be able to know just where to be at the exact time. The technology will help in capturing everything they want, without missing anything. Advertising will also have so many opportunities. There will be a million ways to get the product to the public. But with so much technology the competition may also become more intense.

The year 2035 with the advancement in technology could open so many doors. Or it could cause a more hectic world than any of us are ready for. Either way, I’m sure it will be full of surprises.

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“Global dominant story tellers”

Everyone is very familiar with Disney.  We all grew up watching movies such as lion king, the little mermaid, and beauty and the beast. On Halloween we dressed up as those characters, pretending to be them for the day, and we loved it. Those characters touched our hearts and captured our imaginations. It’s no surprise that Disney had a big influence on how we looked at ourselves and what we wanted to be, but have we ever stopped to think if that influence was good or bad?

As the video states, the female rarely changes in any of the movies.  The female lead is always seductive and highly sexualized. The female always needs to be rescued by a male no matter how strong the female is, which shows that women lack the ability to save themselves. As cute and entertaining this is for young female children, what message is this really sending?

Often-times children will imitate what they see on television.  It is no doubt that Disney is a big part of what children watch on television. So, is this behavior that is okay to imitate?  By showing these females as seductive and highly sexualized this is giving girls the idea that the way to get what they want is to use their body. It also gives girls the idea that a man is always needed, which reduces their want to be independent. All of the female characters are pretty and skinny. This shapes girls images about how they are going to look.

Disney is very popular in my house. We have almost all the Disney movies we could find in DVD. I see my little sisters sit in front of the television fascinated by the female characters, pretending to be them. After the movie is over they find their prettiest dresses and act like the characters. In pretending to be them, they act prissy and vulnerable. They put on my make up and do their hair really nice. This is proof of the influence Disney has on young children and the way they view themselves.

Disney is a very powerful company. To keep their power, Disney has to keep changing. Disney separates cooperate culture from cooperate power. Disney exerts a tremendous influence on all media. They have control over most images we are exposed to. Everyone is afraid of using Disney images and manuscripts have to be submitted to Disney imaginers’ to make sure it meets Disney standards. Lets face it, Disney has a reputation to uphold.

Disney is very influential in young children’s lives and will continue to be. Disney is not going anywhere; they will continue to hold their power in the media industry. Is Disney sending all the wrong messages? Are people afraid to challenge Disney with what they are showing to young children? These are all questions that can only be answered based on your opinion. But one thing is for sure, Disney will always be global dominant story tellers for children all over the world.

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